Frequently Asked Questions
The Basics Magnetic Properties
Magnet Power Magnetic Assemblies
Measuring Strength Magnets and Temperature
Magnetic Poles Machining Magnets
Magnetic Materials Handling Magnets

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The Basics

What does a magnet do?

What are magnets made of?

How are magnets made?


Magnet Power

How permanent is a magnet's strength?

Do magnets lose their strength over time?

What might effect a magnet's strength?

How does a magnet's strength drop off with distance?

What is the equation for field strength relative to distance?

Can a magnet that has lost its strength be re-magnetized?

Can I make a magnet that I already have any stronger?


Measuring Strength

How do you measure the strength or power of a magnet?

If I have a Neo magnet with a Br of 12,300 Gauss, should I be able to measure 12,300 Gauss on its surface?


Magnetic Poles

What are "magnetic poles"?

What are the standard industry definitions of "North" and "South" poles?

Can a particular pole be identified?

How can you tell which is the "North" pole if it is not marked?


Magnet Materials

What are the different types of magnets available?

What are Rare Earth magnets?

Which are the strongest magnets?


Magnetic Properties

What does "orientation direction" mean?

How are magnets rated?

What are the properties of commonly used magnet materials?

How can I use this information?


Magnetic Assemblies

What is a magnetic assembly?

How should I assemble magnets to my device?


Magnets and Temperature

What is the maximum recommended operating temperature for different magnet materials?

Why is the maximum temperature a magnet can operate at not a set value?


Machining Magnets

Can I machine magnets?

How much does it cost to machine magnets?


Handling Magnets

What can I use to "block" a magnetic field?

Tips on handling and storing magnets


Other Questions

What are eddy currents?

What are some good magnet reference books?

What do magnets cost?

Are there Industry Standards for magnets?

How do I order magnets?