An Engineering Team with Applications, Design, and Manufacturing Groups with tool design capabilities - concurrent engineering for complex new products.

2-D and 3-D Finite-Element-Analysis magnet system modeling.
Magnet material selection for cost-performance optimization.
Mechanical design of magnet systems.
CAD/CAM for transfer of designs to Production.
Expert team of engineers with a wide range of industry experience.

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Specialties include:

Charged particle beam deflection
ECR ion sources
Eddy current devices
Faraday rotators
Halbach arrays
High speed rotating magnets - containment, rotor dynamic analysis
High, uniform-field generation
Hysteresis devices
Magnetic bearings - rotary, linear, and control systems
Magnetic couplings - rotary and linear
Magnetic separation for medical applications
Microwave devices
Motors - servo, d.c. brushless, voice coil
MRI devices
Plasma containment
Semiconductor industry applications
Vibration (and anti-vibration) devices







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