Engineering Team

The Magnet Sales & Manufacturing Engineering Department is a technically diverse group, ready to support your design and manufacturing requirements.

Our Engineering Team has three main functions:

Applications Group
Design Group
Manufacturing Group

Each group works to provide rapid and accurate customer support, working together as a concurrent team linking conceptual design through to the manufacturing process, while ensuring quality standards are met.









The Applications Group

The Applications Group is responsible for customer support. The diverse technical backgrounds of our engineering staff in the field of magnetics enable us to assist our customers in efficient product development. Some examples include:


Initial design consultation
Selection of materials
Design reviews for manufacturing issues


The Design Group

The Design Group is responsible for taking preliminary design requirements from the customer and applications engineer and from these to create an assembly or magnetic system capable of meeting all of the parameters. This group utilizes 2-D and 3-D Finite Element Analysis software for magnetic evaluation, self developed code for field strength and magnet sizing calculations, proprietary rotor dynamic models for rotating machinery and thermal and stress software packages. We also have an engineering test lab where we can quickly create samples to test concepts providing data to support designs.

The Manufacturing Group

The Manufacturing Group is responsible for taking the customer approved design and creating a manufacturing plan to produce the product. Complete design packages are created using CAD drawings and downloaded using CAM software when machine shop components are required. At this stage all manufacturing and test tooling is also designed to facilitate the fabrication and magnetic test process. The manufacturing group will follow the initial build of the product throughout each individual process and document methods and efficiencies. Process improvements are incorporated into subsequent orders with emphasis on cost control and cost reduction.

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