Products for Measurement and Reference

Books - A variety of reference books on the history, use and design of permanent magnets.

Gaussmeters - Used to measure flux density at any point on or around a magnet or magnetic circuit.

Magnetic Field Viewers - Products that enable you to see the magnetic pattern on a magnet.

Reference Books

Permanent Magnet Design and Application Handbook - Lester Moskowitz, 385 pp. A reference book for the technically oriented layperson. Catalog Number BOOK. $145.50

Permanent Magnet Materials and their Applications - Dr. Peter Campbell, 203pp. A comprehensive review of magnet technology intended for scientists and engineers involved in all stages of the manufacture, design, and use of permanent magnets. Catalog Number BOOK-3, $46.43

Standard Specifications for Permanent Magnet Materials - Magnetic Materials Producers Association, industry standards for specifying magnet materials. Catalog Number BOOK-2, $15.00.





Model 410 - hand-held gaussmeter used for accurate field measurements from 0.1 gauss to 20 kilogauss. Displays Tesla, AC or DC magnetic field values with a 100milligauss resolution on the 200 gauss range. Max. Hold, Alarms, Relative Readings, Autoranging, and Memory Hold functions included. Weight, 1 lb. Size 7.6" x 3.9" x 1.7". Powered by 4 "AA" batteries (included).


Model 410-SC - includes a soft case, $630.00

MST-410 - standard transverse Hall probe, $191.25

MSA-410 - standard axial Hall probe, $191.25


Magnetic Field Viewers

Magnaview Paper - A 0.006" thick green film allowing you to see the magnetization pattern on magnets. Poles are seen as dark areas bounded by light lines.

Catalog Number




4" X 4"



9" X 9"



12" X 12"



18" X 36"



Magnetic Viewer - provides a fast and clean way to view magnetization patterns more sensitively than the Magnaview Paper. You can view recorded signal patterns for head alignment, track placement, and pulse definition, as well as patterns created by permanent magnets. Catalog Number B-1022, $88.50.


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