System-Level Magnet Assemblies

We manufacture complete system-level magnetic assemblies. Facilities include CNC machining of metal components, EDM, magnet machining, assembly (including cleanroom assembly), inspection, test, and documentation. 

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Examples of these include:

High-Speed Rotors For Motors And Generators

For applications involving very high speeds (50,000 rpm and up), we have the capability to manufacture integrated, balanced rotors with containment sleeves (shrink-fit or composite wound). By their nature, high-speed rotors must have very tight tolerances for dimensions, concentricities, and run-outs.

Together with our partner Calnetix we design and build complete rotor and stator systems for high-speed motors and generators for applications such as turbo-molecular pumps and micro-turbine generators.




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Magnet Systems for Semi-Conductor Processing Equipment

We manufacture complete magnet systems for wafer handling (magnetic couplings, robotic handling, wafer lift and orientation), metal deposition, ion implantation, plasma containment, chamber exhaust line cleaning, and positioning assemblies used in photolithography and wafer testing applications.

When required systems are assembled and tested in certified Class 1000 clean room, or under Class 100 laminar flow benches. 3-D magnetic mapping is performed in the clean room.

Magnet Systems for Medical Applications

We manufacture a wide variety of magnet systems for various medical applications. Some of these include bead separation, stirring, magnetic in-body navigation, small-scale MRI and magnetic couplings used in blood pumps.





Magnet Systems for the Oil Services Industry

Examples of these types of magnet systems include "pigs" to locate pipeline defects, down-hole NMR assemblies, and down-hole magnetic couplings and alternators for power generation.

Magnet Systems for Research

Magnet dipoles, quadrapoles, and sextapoles used in accelerators, undulators, wigglers and ECR ion sources.

.... And More

We manufacture magnet systems for energy storage, magnetic bearings, optical devices, and many other applications. Contact us for more information.



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