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Our Mission is expressed by the following:

Through operational excellence and engineering support, we will provide our customers with a superior service experience and the highest quality magnetic components and assemblies.

In order to carry out this Mission, a Quality Policy was developed and documented by the company to clearly state the principles and objectives that the Quality System describes.



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The Quality Policy

Magnet Sales & Manufacturing has documented and
bases its business on the following Quality Policy: 

Delight the Customer!

Enhance our reputation for products and services that are better than expected.

Deliver products error-free and on time!

Continue to meet the customer's product and services need every time.

Prevent defectsbefore they happen!

Support a system based on defect prevention rather than defect detection.

Continually improveall systems, all processes, and all products!

Promote a company culture that thrives on improving products and processes.

This Quality Policy was developed to express our genuine commitment to quality. We recognize that achieving a well controlled and balanced system takes long term and total quality management. All associates of Magnet Sales & Manufacturing actively support this Policy.

ISO 9000

The Quality System at Magnet Sales & Manufacturing was implemented based on the ISO 9001 International Quality Standard (for companies providing products and services).

The first and foremost requirement for meeting the ISO 9000 set of standards is Management Commitment! Every audit by the independent auditor includes a review of the commitment made by management in the audited company to support and lead the Quality System. The philosophy behind these standards is SAY what you do (document the processes), DO what you say (follow the procedures), and PROVE it (provide evidence of compliance). Every audit is a review of this philosophy.

An independent ISO Registrar has certified Magnet Sales & Manufacturing as meeting all the requirements of ISO 9002. The Initial Certification was issued in April 1998, following an intensive on-site audit of all 20 elements of the Standard. Det Norske Veritas (DNV), a world-renowned leading Registrar, conducts on-site periodic audits every six months.

Quality System Documentation Components

The Magnet Sales & Manufacturing Quality System is documented on 4 levels:

1. Quality Manual (system overview)

2. Operating Procedures (system components)

3. Work Instructions (written or in flow chart format)

4. Records (documentation of completed activities)

Quality System Audits

There are three types of audits periodically conducted to verify the compliance of the Quality System:

1. Internal audits, which are conducted by associates of the company throughout the year on a scheduled basis - typically 2 or 3 audits per month of selected processes or areas.

2. External or third party audits, which are conducted by customers at their request.

3. ISO periodic compliance audits, which are conducted by our Registrar, DNV - every 6 months on selected elements or processes of the Quality System.

The audits comprise one of the most fundamental requirements of a certified system and offer us a continuing opportunity for improvement, leading to better products, processes, and systems. Audits may lead to changes in either documentation or practices in the company.

Industry Standards

There are two industry associations within the United States that produce standards relating to the magnet industry:

The Magnetic Materials Producers Associaton (MMPA) , and

The Magnet Distributors and Fabricators Association (MDFA)

Both of these associations have published various applicable standards that are available from the associations or from us.

The contact telephone number for both associations is 312-456-5590.

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