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The mFlex™ Story.

The highest quality. Unsurpassed performance. And the lowest cost. That’s mFlex – the newest in a long line of high quality magnetic products from Magnet Sales, a leader in the industry since 1955.

How are we able to deliver top quality at a price the others can’t? It’s simple. Our manufacturing expertise, combined with our global network of partners, allows us to engineer and produce a flexible magnetic sheet to satisfy a wide range of innovative uses and automated manufacturing techniques.

Our reputation speaks for itself. Magnet Sales is a world-class manufacturer. We’re also the first magnet fabricator in the United States to be certified to an ISO 9000 Standard. We have the credentials to back up our impressive quality claims. It’s an achievement that no other magnet manufacturer can top.

Maybe that’s why so many have come to rely on Magnet Sales for quality, versatile, in-stock, and budget-friendly magnetic products. And why mFlex is quickly becoming the flexible magnetic sheet of choice of the industry.





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